Old Mac made new

Okay, not this old, we admit, but older than you think!

Do you have a Mac that you think is old? Even if you Mac is as old as 2009 (or even 2007 for iMacs) you can still upgrade to the newest OS X, which apart from looking shinier will help you with printers, Internet access and other external activities.

But did you know the newest OS X is over 5GB to download? And that you’ll need a disc to start the upgrade as well? Have no fear because we can help you on all counts:

For just $75 we can take your machine through all the upgrade steps to make even an old Mac act new again. Get your machine up to OS X Yosemite and have access to all the latest tricks 🙂 Forget about download limits, let Coona Computer Hospital do the work for you 🙂

(This goes equally for Windows machines and Windows 10, available to all for a massive download, very soon!)




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