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Recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of customers who have bought a new computer or laptop from one of the big box retailers — I won’t say who but just think Harvey Norman/Good Guys/JB Hi Fi and that ilk. This of course meant a couple of hours in the car along with all the other expense.

And yet they came away with more trouble than ever. They were sold a computer, to be sure, but one that was often buggy, poorly setup or facing more problems than they could possibly imagine.

A recent customer found software not set up, Windows was left inactive, and as for upgrading to Windows 10 for free — that was going to be more trouble than it was worth.

This of course just means more business for us — we will fix your new computer, make sure everything is working and make sure all the pointless extra software is removed (what’s called bloatware). Then we can add the useful and free software we know you need and make sure everything is ready to go.

But why not just cut out the middle man?

Why not just get your new computer from us? The Coona Computer Hospital has access to all the same equipment wholesalers as any of the big box retailers, and we’re right here to help you. We can order in a computer to fit your specific needs in as little as 1-2 days, and then make sure it’s set up right and free from bloatware. Our prices will be as competitive as any big retailer (sometimes better) and of course you’re spared a long trip in the car as well. We can make sure you have everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Our computer prices will always include setup, removal of bloatware and addition of good free software, and we can even help you with training sessions to get the most out of your computer (an extra cost to be negotiated).

Talk to us today and see what deal with can do. We will be as professional and far more personal than any big retailer you can think of!




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