Windows 10

Windows 10 — in many ways as good as they say, but not free.

You’ll all have heard about Windows 10 by now. And for the most part it’s all true — Windows 10 is pretty good. It’s a great improvement over Windows 8 and will help your Windows machine run better, as long as it’s reasonably new.

But one thing it’s not is free. Despite the advertising, Windows 10 is only available online, so depending on your Internet connection and download limits, your “free” upgrade to Windows 10 could actually be quite expensive.

Windows 10 over 3 gigabytes in size

If you’re fortunate enough to have ADSl that might not be a problem. But for everyone using casual wireless dongles, or satellite, that can be a big chunk of your monthly limit — or in many cases all of it!

And that’s not even mentioning potential problems with the upgrade: file backups, waiting for the download to start and more.

Why not let us deal with it all?

At the Coona Computer Hospital we can do it all for you. Do all the downloading through our fast (and limit-free connection). Make sure there are no problems. Make sure the download starts immediately. Make sure everything is cleaned up and every option is the right one.

For just $75 we will do it all for you — and in no more than 48 hours. We’ll make sure your machine upgrades and sets up Windows 10 successfully, and it won’t cost you a cent on your Internet downloads.

Bring in your laptop or even desktop today and we can get it sorted.




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