Fixed line FTTN NBN service is now available to much of Coonabarabran. The green boxes that you saw being installed in November and December of last year are now active, and bringing fibre to the node NBN to those of us in town lucky enough to live in the right streets. 

We have spoken before about the things wrong with the Coonabarabran NBN rollout, but this announcement is specifically for the people in town who can receive this new NBN service. You don’t have to rush, but by September 2018 you will have to make a decision and switch over to the new NBN service otherwise you will lose all your fixed line phone and Internet access. 

If you’re one of the many people who will not have access to this new service, don’t worry, we plan to have you covered as well. More on that very soon. 

To switch over to the new NBN service, you will need to select a new plan and potentially a new provider. Most of you probably use Telstra now, and you can change over to Telstra NBN as well, but you really do not have to. There are many NBN phone and Internet providers now offering many deals. We must say that many of them offer deals better than Telstra. Please talk to us in the shop if you are having any trouble deciding.

Many current Internet providers will already be contacting you about changing. You may find it easier to stick with your current provider, but again that decision is up to you.

Speaking for ourselves, we have a home and business to convert to NBN. Our home Internet is provided by Internode, and they’ve been proactive enough to contact us early so we have decided to make that switch now. Our home is being switched over on Thursday March 16 — we’re probably one of the earliest in town doing this. Naturally we’re going for the fastest 100/40 speed plan, so we’ll be sure to report to everyone how this process goes and whether it’s all plain sailing or if we have any problems.

Our business location is served for phone and Internet by Optus, and we won’t be changing there yet. It seems best to do one location at a time, but Optus hasn’t been as quick to contact us as Internode anyway. And we can’t afford any problems there either with the switchover, so we will see how home goes before making the change at the shop.

In the meantime, we are here to answer any queries to provide any help you need with this big change. NBN providers expect their users to make the changeover themselves, but we will be happy to advise in-store or even by house call if any help is required. Sometimes you will need to change your Internet modem entirely, other times you may just need to change some cables and settings. Either way, if you need help with this process, do give us a call:



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