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A Lenovo Thinkpad, but we can source many different brands

We can aid you with any computer purchase in a number of ways

Buying a new computer, laptop or tablet is a minefield of choices and information, with so many retailers, options and deals to search through. Let us do the hard work for you. Come into the shop and we can tell you about what’s available, where the best price may be and what the best option is for your personal needs or business.

We can even purchase and setup for you!

Talk to us today about helping you get a new computer. We have access to many special online deals, wholesalers and other buying options. Instead of travelling to nearby centres and being talked into a deal by pushy sales people, or buying sight-unseen online, come and talk to use about what we can do. By taking advantage of our special “purchase and setup” deal we can help you decide on your needs, source the best price for your machine, then set up everything for you and even give you a one hour training session to get started!

Many big-box retailers fill new computers with a range of often awful “bloatware” — software that while not malicious or dangerous is just downright pointless and will slow down your computer experience. Sign up for our service and we will make sure this is all gone before you take home your new machine.



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