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Don’t let your computer act like this!

Discovering your computer is filled with viruses or malware can be one of the worst experience you will face as a computer user. You think everything is fine and suddenly — disaster.

Let us help you with our special Virus clean & tune up service. Our intensive process will get rid of all the ugliness on your computer and return it to a working condition.

This process usually takes 3-5 days but is detailed and extensive. Our tune-up covers several key areas:


Viruses have been the scourge of computer users for many years now and can be transmitted via infected USB drives or via different kinds of downloaded software from the Internet. They can even be transmitted by going to the wrong website and allowing software to be installed on your computer. These need to go! Left unchecked they can destroy your system.


A newer kind of infection, this is usually transmitted from online and can allow intruders to take control of your system and use it in things like “botnets”, which are large networks of hijacked computers used for different kinds of online illegal activity. They need to go!


A different kind of threat, this ranges from useless software (think things like PC Keeper) that may not really do anything but annoy you, but can also be designed to trick you into purchasing this software that you don’t need! Best avoided.

Bad software

This is another category again. We’re of the opinion that real commercial software such as the Norton’s range is no good. It slows down your computer, is unnecessary and bloated, and does not do the job as well as free virus protection software such as Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials. Too many big-box retailers install things like Norton by default and give you some free time but then expect you to pay for it later (and it becomes more like annoyware then), and it’s just not necessary. This goes for some utilities that companies such as Dell and HP put on their computers. It’s often pointless, unnecessary and a drain on system resources. We can selectively remove the worst examples of this as required.

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