Computer repairs

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Computers can baffle us all at the best of times. But when something really goes wrong, you need help.

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Repairs can come in two different categories:

  • Fixing damage
  • Improving performance

Fixing damage

The most common damage we see is usually broken laptop screens and keyboards, or burnouts due to power surge damage (watch out for those dreaded electrical storms!)

We will take a look at any laptop that needs damage repaired, old or new, and can order spare parts from a range of sources.

Improving performance

This is a different category, where we can take an existing machine and add more RAM, or a new graphics card (to a desktop) to improve performance and improve the lifespan of your system. This might even include upgrading from Windows 7 to 8.1 depending on your needs.

If you’re still using Windows XP talk to us now — you need to upgrade!

xp support has ended


For all your computer repair needs, talk to us today! Ask about our special rates and equipment pickup for schools and business!



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