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Coonabarabran Business Centre & Computer Hospital can provide a variety of wireless hardware and setup for your home or business.

Whether you need a long range link between buildings or wireless service for your clients or customers, we can help you with a customised solution.

We work especially with hotels and other tourists venues that need a-grade wireless to run their business!

We exclusively use Ubiquiti hardware and software in a variety of configurations.

Our favourite new Ubiquiti product is the UniFi Mesh access point — an enterprise quality outdoor access point that can be wired to your network or use a wi-fi uplink for truly wide scale and open applications. Cover areas you never dreamed of with wi-fi using UniFi Mesh. Ask us today about how we can help you with this revolutionary and truly low cost new product! 

Some of our work in action at a local motel:

Wi-fi in action at a motel

We took the Internet feed from the central administration building then used Ubiquiti wi-fi to transmit it to six separate buildings. Each building had its own internal wi-fi as well as the external link as shown above. Ask us what we can do for you! 


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